Title Author Price
prince of darkness, The Robert D. Novak $2.50
"Mr. President": George Washington and the making of the nation's highest office Harlow G. Unger $2.50
'Tis: a memoir Frank McCourt $2.50
33 years of Army Nursing: An interview with Brigadier General Lillian Dunlap Lillian Dunlap $16.00
41 George W. Bush $2.50
Adolph Hitler John Toland $2.50
Adolph Hitler John Toland $2.50
Alexander of Russia Henri Troyat $1.50
Alexander the Great and his time Agnes Forbes Blackadder Savill $2.50
Almost There Nuala O'Faolain $1.50
American life, An Ronald Reagan $2.50
Angela's ashes Frank MacCourt $2.50
Any given day: the life and times of Jessie Lee Brown Foveaux Jessie Lee Brown Foveaux $2.50
Arctic Daughter Jean Aspen $1.50
Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid, The Pat F. Garrett $17.00
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin / The Journal of John Woolman / Fruits of Solitude -- The Harvard Classics, Volume 1, The $2.50
Autobiography of William Allen White, The William Allen White $2.50
Benjamin Franklin Page Talbott $2.50
Bettyville George Hodgman $2.50
Big Russ and Me Timothy J. Russert $1.50
Black dog of fate Peter Balakian $1.50
book of my lives, The Aleksandar Hemon $2.50
Boone T. Boone Pickens, Jr. $2.50
Brothers Emanuel: a memoir of an American family Ezekiel J. Emanuel $2.50
Buddy Holly Ellis Amburn $15.00