True Crime

Title Author Price
And the sea will tell Vincent Bugliosi $2.50
Black mass Dick Lehr $1.50
By persons unknown George Jonas $2.50
Catch and Kill Ronan Farrow $2.50
death of innocence: the untold story of JonBenét's murder and how its exploitation compromised the pursuit of truth, The John Ramsey $2.50
dreams of Ada, The Robert Mayer $2.50
Echoes in the darkness Joseph Wambaugh $2.50
encyclopedia of serial killers, The Brian Lane $1.50
Esther Leonard Sanders $2.50
fever in the heart, A Ann Rule $2.50
gathering of saints, A Robert Lindsey $2.50
Green River, running red Ann Rule $2.50
Hillside Strangler, The Ted Schwarz $2.50
I Will Find You Detective Lieutenant Joe Kenda $1.50
killer they called a god, The Ian Ward $1.50
mapmaker's wife, The Robert Whitaker $1.50
Murder in Greenwich: Who Killed Martha Moxley? Mark Fuhrman $1.50
Rock solid: two cops' obsessive manhunt for one of America's most dangerous criminals Frank Bose $2.50
Shadow in the City: Confessions of an Undercover Drug Warrior, A Charles Bowden $1.50
Shattered Night Kay Sandiford $2.50
Sleepers Lorenzo Carcaterra $1.50
Spoken in darkness: small-town murder and a friendship beyond death Ann E. Imbrie $2.50
Till Death Us Do Part Vincent Bugliosi $2.50
Triumph of justice: the final judgment on the Simpson saga Daniel Petrocelli $2.50
Unequal verdicts Timothy Sullivan $2.50