General History

Title Author Price
Absolute monarchs: a history of the papacy John Julius Norwich $4.00
Ancient Civilizations C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky $2.50
And the Money Kept Rolling In (and Out): Wall Street, the IMF, and the Bankrupting of Argentina Paul Blustein $4.00
Archaeology in the Holy Land Kathleen M. Kenyon $2.50
atlas of Russian history, An Allen F. Chew $2.50
Aztec Calendar, The Francisco Gonzalez Davila $2.50
Beacon lights of history John Lord $8.50
Beacon Lights of History John Lord $23.00
Biblical archeologist $1.50
Black Gold: The Story of Oil in Our Lives Albert Marrin $2.50
book of the just: the silent heroes who saved Jews from Hitler, The Eric Silver $4.00
Cambridge County Geographies: Forfarshire Easton S. Valentine $85.00
care of historical collections: a conservation handbook for the nonspecialist, The Per E. Guldbeck $2.50
Caroline Mytinger HEADHUNTING IN THE SOLOMON ISLANDS Caroline Mytinger $31.00
Civilisation a Personal View Kenneth Clark $4.00
codebreakers, The David Kahn $9.00
confident hope of a miracle, The Neil Hanson $4.00
Craft of Intelligence, The Allen Dulles $25.00
Culling The Masses The Democratic Origins Of Racist Immigration Policy In The Americas David Scott FitzGerald $42.00
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, The Edward Gibbon $30.00
Diplomacy in the near and middle east J. C. Hurewitz $44.00
Diplomacy in the Near and Middle East J. C. Hurewitz $70.00
Discovering the global past Merry E. Wiesner $2.50
Dividing the Waters: A Century of Controversy Between the United States and Mexico Norris Hundley, Jr. $14.00