Non-fiction (General)

Title Author Price
Aircraft Maintenance for Airplane Mechanic Daniel J Brimm $18.00
American Aviation Historical Society Volume 33 (1988) AAHS $40.00
Another way of life Patricia Baum $19.00
Arithmetic Edwina Deans $15.00
BiblioTech John Palfrey $4.00
bottom of the harbor, The Joseph Mitchell $16.00
Canadian Pacific Quadruple-screw Liner: Empress of Britain $52.00
Child Sexual Abuse Margaret-Ellen Pipe $30.00
Children's Story, The James Clavell $2.50
Christmas Traditions William Muir Auld $20.00
cigar companion: a connoisseur's guide, The Anwer Bati $4.00
Classroom manual for automotive brake systems Lane Eichhorn $8.50
Corrections in the 21st Century - Third Edition Frank Schmalleger $4.00
Corrections in the United States Dean J. Champion $4.00
country diary of an Edwardian lady, The Edith Holden $12.00
Every day a good day Noriko Morishita $45.00
first days of school: how to be an effective teacher, The Harry K. Wong $2.50
From hand to head Marguerita Rudolph $9.25
Game of Life and How to Play It, The Florence Scovel Shinn $10.00
Goode's School Atlas: Physical, Political, and Economic for American Schools and Colleges, Fourth Edition, Revised and Enlarged J. Paul Goode $20.00
graphic arts;: Modern man and modern methods, The $13.00
Guide to California Wines John Melville $35.00
Guidebook for the Pre-primer Program of the Basic Readers William S. Gray $20.00
Guided reading: good first teaching for all children Irene C. Fountas $0.00
Handbook of Urban Landscape: Cliff Tandy $15.00