Title Author Price
After all William Matthews $4.00
Alphabet of Foxes Serena Fusek $2.50
Amazing grace Larry D. Thomas $2.50
Amazing peace Maya Angelou $4.00
ambient light and shadow Patricia Wismer $13.50
anthology of Famous English and American poetry, An William Rose Benet $4.00
As if light actually matters: new & selected poems Larry D. Thomas $2.50
Beyond the reaches of man Dan Paulick $2.50
Bhagavad Gita a New Verse Translation, The $25.00
blue hen's chickens and other poems, The Vincent McHugh $15.00
Calendar $20.00
clouds should know me by now, The Red Pine $12.00
Collected poems complete Alfred Noyes $15.00
conversation pieces Ross C. Follett $14.00
Ebb and Flow Tony Prewit $10.00
Ebb and flow Tony Prewit $12.00
Elk Thirst Heather Cahoon $2.50
English Lake District William Knight $35.01
Eyes open in the dark Conger Beasley $240.00
Fire in the place, A K. B. Whitley $9.00
Gallows Songs, The $7.00
GLASS HALF FULL, A Felix Dennis $2.50
Haiku in Four Volumes, Volume 3: Summer-Autumn R.H. Blyth $32.00
Haiku, Volume 4: Autumn-Winter R.H. Blyth $58.00
Harmony in Babel Paul Friedrich $75.00