Title Author Price
"The Greatest Invention In The History Of Mankind Is Beer" And Other Manly Insights From Dave Barry Dave Barry $2.50
All I need to know I learned from my cat Suzy Becker $1.50
As far as you can go without a passport: the view from the end of the road : comments and comic pieces Tom Bodett $2.50
best book of useless information ever, The Noel Botham $1.50
Binge Tyler Oakley $2.50
Cat who came for Christmas, The Cleveland Amory $2.50
Chelsea Chelsea bang bang Chelsea Handler $2.50
Chili dawgs always bark at night Lewis Grizzard $2.50
Chili dawgs always bark at night Lewis Grizzard $1.50
code of the Woosters, The P.G. Wodehouse $2.50
Complete Indoor Birdwatcher's Manual Helen Ferril $9.75
complete pun book, The Art Moger $2.50
Dave Barry Hits Below the Beltway Dave Barry $1.50
Do All Birders Have Bedroom Eyes, Dear? Garry B. Trudeau $1.50
Don't bend over in the garden, granny, you know them taters got eyes Lewis Grizzard $2.50
Don't squat with your spurs on! Texas Bix Bender $1.50
Endangered pleasures: in defense of naps, bacon, martinis, profanity, and other indulgences Barbara Holland $2.50
Every Zombie Eats Somebody Sometime Michael P. Spradlin $1.50
Everyone but thee and me Ogden Nash $2.50
Festivus The Book: A Complete Guide to the Holiday for the Rest of Us Mark R. Nelson $1.50
Four Word Film Reviews Benj Clews $1.50
good friend, A Joseph Cohen $1.50
How to Back Up a Trailer: And 101 Other Things Every Real Guy Should Know Kurt Anderson $1.50
How to Speak Southern Steve Mitchell $1.50
If you can't say something nice Calvin Trillin $2.50