Title Author Price
If you can't say something nice Calvin Trillin $2.50
It was a dark and stormy night Scott Rice $1.50
It's Not Menopause J.W. Wagner $1.50
Joy in the morning P.G. Wodehouse $2.50
Life in the Goat Lane Linda Fink $1.50
Lockhorns, The Bill Hoest $40.00
marriage made in heaven-- or, too tired for an affair, A Erma Bombeck $2.50
Mike and Mike's Rules for Sports and Life Mike Greenberg $2.50
Motherhood, the second oldest profession Erma Bombeck $2.50
Napalm & silly putty George Carlin $2.50
One consciousness Bill Hicks $45.00
People have more fun than anybody James Thurber $2.50
Portable curmudgeon redux, The Jon Winokur $2.50
Suburban confessions: the truth about mom Ben Mason $2.50
To hell in a handbaske H. Allen Smith $25.00
Unnatural selections Gary Larson $1.50
Vegetables and Other Relationships Scott Wiggerman $1.50
When will Jesus bring the pork chops? George Carlin $2.50
Why Don't You Write My Eulogy Now So I Can Correct It? Patricia Marx $2.50
You Know You're a Minnesotan If... Ed Fischer $1.50