Western Fiction

Title Author Price
Albuquerque; Whispering Smith; The Duel fo Silver Creek; War Arrow $2.00
All Things Left Wild James Wade $1.50
APACHE (White Indian, No 14) Donald C. Porter $1.50
authentic life of Billy, the Kid, The Pat F. Garrett $5.00
Birdie Candace Simar $2.50
Blessed McGill Edwin Shrake $1.50
Blood feud Giles A. Lutz $1.50
Blood Oath Jon Sharpe $1.50
Bounty hunters' range Lauran Paine $2.50
Bransford in Arcadia Eugene Manlove Rhodes $2.50
Buckskin Line (Texas Rangers), The Elmer Kelton $1.50
Caballero, The Harold Courlander $35.00
Canyon country Leonard Lupton $1.50
CHEROKEE (Colonization of America : White Indian, Book X) Donald C. Porter $1.50
Chief Joseph Bill Dugan $1.50
Choctaw Donald Clayton Porter $1.50
Coldiron F.M. Parker $1.50
Confederate Challenge Jon Sharpe $1.50
Dakota Wild Jon Sharpe $1.50
Day of Independence William W. Johnstone $1.50
Dead for a Dollar William W. Johnstone $1.50
Dead Man's Saddle Jon Sharpe $1.50
Devil Wire Cameron Judd $1.50
Devil's butte Ray Hogan $2.50
Devil's Kin Charles G. West $1.50