Western Fiction

Title Author Price
Albuquerque; Whispering Smith; The Duel fo Silver Creek; War Arrow $2.00
American West Loren D. Estleman $4.00
Big Sky, The A.B. Guthrie $2.50
Blood feud Giles A. Lutz $2.50
Canyon country Leonard Lupton $2.50
CHEROKEE (Colonization of America : White Indian, Book X) Donald C. Porter $2.50
Coldiron F.M. Parker $2.50
Confederate Challenge Jon Sharpe $2.50
Dakota Wild Jon Sharpe $2.50
Day of Independence William W. Johnstone $2.50
Dead for a Dollar William W. Johnstone $2.50
Dead Man's Saddle Jon Sharpe $2.50
Dead Reckoning Mike Blakely $2.50
Devil Wire Cameron Judd $2.50
Devil's Kin Charles G. West $2.50
Devil's Posse Charles G. West $2.50
Double the Bounty Robert J. Randisi $2.50
Double vengeance John Duncklee $2.50
FALLEN TIMBERS (White Indian Series, No 19) Donald Clayton Porter $2.50
Fargo's Woman Jon Sharpe $2.50
FATHER OF WATERS (White Indian Series, No. 18) Donald C. Porter $2.50
Fortune Riders Jon Sharpe $2.50
Free rangers Walt Coburn $2.50
From Where the Sun Now Stands Will Henry $2.50
Gallows Robert J. Randisi $2.50