Title Author Price
50 Psychology Classics Tom Butler-Bowden $4.00
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition Editors of The American Heritage Dictionaries $75.00
battered woman, The Lenore E. Walker $2.50
belief instinct: the psychology of souls, destiny, and the meaning of life, The Jesse Bering $4.00
Children Be Your Best Ellen Chernoff Simon $2.00
Creatures of a Day Irvin D. Yalom $13.00
Educational Psychology Robert E. Slavin $2.50
Frames of mind Howard Gardner $20.00
Friendfluence: The Surprising Ways Friends Make Us Who We Are Carlin Flora $4.00
Friendship A.C. Grayling $4.00
Happiness is a choice Frank B. Minirth $2.50
Healing from Trauma Jasmin Lee Cori $2.50
Hear Our Cry: Boys in Crisis Paul D. Slocumb $2.50
hero within: six archetypes we live by, The Carol Pearson $2.50
In search of a therapy Dennis T. Jaffe $2.50
kids next door, The Greggory W. Morris $4.00
Letters to a Young Therapist Mary Pipher $2.50
Mescal, and Mechanisms of hallucinations Heinrich Kluver $9.00
On death and dying Elisabeth Kübler-Ross $2.50
Origins of Intellect: Piaget's Theory, The John L Phillips $2.50
Positive Personality Profiles Robert A Rohm $2.50
power of others; peer pressure, groupthink, and how the people around us shape everything we do, The Michael Shaw Bond $2.50
power of unconditional love: 21 guidelines for beginning, improving, and changing your most meaningful relationships, The Ken Keyes $2.50
Procrastination Jane B. Burka $2.50
psychotherapy of C. G. Jung, The Wolfgang Hochheimer $17.00