Title Author Price
Advancements in Environmental Measurement Methods for Asbestos (Astm Special Technical Publication// Stp) Michael E. Beard $65.00
Aerosols, anthropogenic and natural, sources and transport Paul J. Lioy $25.00
Agroforestry and sustainable systems W.J. Rietveld $20.00
All about the wonders of chemistry Ira M. Freeman $30.00
amateur astronomer's handbook., The James Muirden $4.00
America's Energy Choices $55.00
Amphiboles and Other Hydrous Pyriboles Mineralogy David Veblen $39.00
anatomy of hope, The Jerome E. Groopman $4.00
Apes, angels, and Victorians: the story of Darwin, Huxley, and evolution. William Irvine $2.50
Art and Science of Lightning Protection Martin A. Uman $30.00
Astronomy with the naked eye Garrett P. Serviss $45.00
Astronomy, the cosmic journey William K. Hartmann $6.75
Atlas of Archaeology, The Keith Branigan $4.00
Being You: A New Science of Consciousness Anil Seth $10.00
Beyond human: how cutting-edge science is extending our lives Eve Herold $4.00
Botany in a day : the patterns method of plant identification : an herbal field guide to plant families of North America Thomas J. Elpel $14.00
Building planet Earth: five billion years of Earth history. Peter Cattermole $4.00
Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, vol. 54 $40.00
Causes of climatic change J. Murray Mitchell $15.00
Caves of Missouri J. Harlen Bretz $60.00
challenge of producing native plants for the intermountain area, The $13.00
Chemistry Sparkcharts Sparkcharts SparkNotes $5.00
Childhood abuse and chronic pain Ranjan Roy $40.00
Comfortably Numb Charles Barber $4.00
Coming of age in Samoa Margaret Mead $2.50