Title Author Price
baby bonding book for dads, The James Di Properzio $2.00
birth book, The William Sears $1.00
Breastfeeding Amy Spangler $1.00
Children Are from Heaven John Gray $1.00
courage to raise good men, The Olga Silverstein $1.00
Dads and Daughters Joe Kelly $2.00
Growing together William Sears $1.00
Leaving the Light On Gary Smalley $1.00
nursing mother's guide to weaning, The Kathleen Huggins $1.00
Odd girl out Rachel Simmons $2.00
politics of breastfeeding, The Gabrielle Palmer $1.00
pregnancy book, The William Sears $1.00
Raising nuestros niños Gloria G. Rodriguez $1.00
Safe kids, smart parents Rebecca Bailey $1.00
Step Up to the Plate, Dad! R. V. Brown $2.00
Taking care of your child Robert H. Pantel $1.00
Weekend Dad Bob Hilton $1.00
What a Difference a Daddy Makes Dr. Kevin Leman $1.00