Title Author Price
24-hour pharmacist, The Suzy R. Cohen $2.50
Absolute zero and the conquest of cold Tom Shachtman $2.50
Arctic Ecosystem Jerry Brown $12.00
Astronomical photometry Arne A. Henden $2.50
Astronomy, the cosmic journey William K. Hartmann $6.75
Audel's new electric library - volume 12, dictionary Frank D. Graham $30.00
book of Mars, The Samuel Glasstone $2.50
Book of poisons Gustav Schenk $50.00
Cassini-Huygens visit to Saturn, The Michael Meltzer $40.00
Caves of Missouri J. Harlen Bretz $60.00
Chemistry Sparkcharts Sparkcharts SparkNotes $5.00
Clementine Collection, Moonglow, A $5.00
Clinical Hypnotherapy Allen S. Chips $9.00
collapsing universe, The Isaac Asimov $2.50
Coming of age in the Milky Way Timothy Ferris $2.50
Coyne applied practical electricity - volume 4 by the Technical Staff of the Coyne Electrical School. $6.00
Coyne applied practical electricity - volume 6 $15.00
Current Issues in Geology Michael L. McKinney $33.00
Diagnosis In Color:Pediatrics Sharon Taylor $1.50
Dictionary of geological terms American Geological Institute. $1.50
Don't know much about the universe Kenneth C. Davis $2.50
Down to earth at Tuff Canyon, Big Bend National Park, Texas Daniel S. Barker $13.00
Earth in the balance Al Gore $1.50
earth's core, The J.A. Jacobs $14.00
Earth, The Brandwein $11.00