Title Author Price
After Dolly Ian Wilmut $2.50
An inconvenient truth Al Gore $1.50
Anatomy of seed plants Katherine Esau $9.00
Animal Hospital Technology Earl J. Catcott $60.00
Anthropology and modern life Franz Boas $15.00
appeal to reason, An Nigel Lawson $1.50
Astronomical photometry Arne A. Henden $2.50
Astronomical techniques w. A. Hiltner $8.50
Audel's new electric library - volume 12, dictionary Frank D. Graham $30.00
Beautiful swimmers William W. Warner $1.50
beauty of light, The Ben Bova $2.50
Beyond Within, The Sidney Cohen $25.00
Big Bend National Park, Texas (Corpus Christi Geological Society Annual Field Trip, 1984 Spring Field Trip) $15.00
Big Bend Vistas William MacLeod $30.00
Biology for beginners Truman J. Moon $12.00
Blue Mars Kim Stanley Robinson $1.50
book of Mars, The Samuel Glasstone $2.50
Book of poisons Gustav Schenk $50.00
breakthrough, The Robert M. Hazen $2.50
carbon connection, The Leonard Ridzon $45.00
Chemistry Sparkcharts Sparkcharts SparkNotes $5.00
Clementine Collection, Moonglow, A $5.00
collapsing universe, The Isaac Asimov $2.50
cosmic connection, The Carl Sagan $1.50
Coyne applied practical electricity - volume 4 by the Technical Staff of the Coyne Electrical School. $6.00