Title Author Price
1984 and beyond Nigel Calder $9.00
Absolute zero and the conquest of cold Tom Shachtman $2.50
aerogeology Horst F. von Bandat $8.00
Aerosols, anthropogenic and natural, sources and transport Paul J. Lioy $25.00
Age of A.I., The Henry A Kissinger $2.50
Agroforestry and sustainable systems W.J. Rietveld $20.00
Alternative Medicine: What Works Adriane Fugh-Berman $1.50
Americas Energy Choices $55.00
Annals index, 1975-1977 Bill M. Boland $20.00
Arctic Ecosystem Jerry Brown $12.00
Astrology, true or false? Roger B. Culver $17.00
Astronomy, the cosmic journey William K. Hartmann $6.75
Audel's new electric library - volume 12, dictionary Frank D. Graham $30.00
Basin and range John McPhee $8.50
Being Mortal Atul Gawande $1.50
Best American Science and Nature Writing 2008, The Jerome Groopman $1.50
Best American Science And Nature Writing 2012, The Tim Folger $1.50
Beyond Numercy John Allen Paulos $2.50
Beyond the Observatory Harlow Shapley $10.00
bird in the waterfall, The Jerry Dennis $11.00
book of Mars, The Samuel Glasstone $2.50
Boundary Layer Theory Hermann T. Schlichting $75.00
Brief History of Time, A Stephen Hawking $2.50
Bulletin of the Geological Society of America, vol. 54 $40.00
Causes of climatic change J. Murray Mitchell $15.00