Title Author Price
Audubon Society field guide to North American birds., The Miklos D. F. Udvardy $1.50
backyard bird watcher, The George H. Harrison $2.50
Birding by Ear $2.00
Birds of America T. Gilbert Pearson $2.50
Birds of the Texas Panhandle Kenneth D. Seyffert $1.50
Birds of the world Oliver L Austin, Jr. $2.50
Check-list of North American birds $13.50
Checklist of Birds of Texas Texas Bird Records Committee $7.00
Ecology and evolution of Darwin's finches Peter R. Grant $1.50
Enjoying Woodpeckers More Julie Zickefoose $1.50
establishing a birding-related business $1.50
Everybody's everywhere backyard bird book $1.50
Field guide to backyard birds of the West Cool Springs Press $1.00
field guide to the Cascades & Olympics, A Stephen Whitney $1.50
Fifty birds of town and city bob Hines $1.50
Hummingbirds of North America Dan True $1.50
Hummrs Millie Miller $8.00
hungry bird book, The Robert S. Arbib $2.50
Land Birds of America Robert Cushman Murphy $2.50
Migration of birds Frederick Lincoln $1.50
National Geographic complete birds of North America Jonathan K. Alderfer $1.50
Penguins: Past and Present, Here and There George Gaylord Simpson $2.50
Pigeon raising Alice Macleod $1.50
Snake River birds of prey $1.50
Song and Garden Birds of North America Alexander Wetmore $18.00