Title Author Price
200 Years of Great American Short Stories Martha Foley $2.50
40s : the story of a decade, The The New Yorker $2.50
Alfred Hitchcock present: Stories that go bump in the night $8.50
American short fiction $1.50
Bad dreams and other stories Tessa Hadley $2.50
Bark Lorrie Moore $2.50
Best American Short Stories 2015, The T.C. Boyle $1.50
Best Russian Short Stories Thomas Seltzer $18.00
best short stories of Bret Harte;, The Bret Harte $15.00
Come not, Lucifer! $10.00
Contemporary Latin American short stories Pat McNees $1.50
Deer Pasture, The Rick Bass $1.50
Dolally K.B.Whitley $10.50
fields of memory, The Carolyn Osborn $2.50
Grandfather stories Samuel Hopkins Adams $2.50
Great Esquire Fiction: The Finest Stories from the First Fifty Years L. Rust Hills $1.50
Gringos in Mexico: an anthology Edward Simmen $1.50
Homage to Paule Celen Ilya Kaminsky $23.00
Late harvest: Rural American Writing David R. Pichaske $1.50
Life times: stories, 1952-2007 Nadine Gordimer $2.50
Little Review Anthology, The Margaret Anderson $25.00
long story, The $1.50
Malamud reader, A Bernard Malamud $2.50
marked one and twelve other stories, The Jacob Picard $2.50
Missouri Review, The Speer Morgan $12.00