Title Author Price
Abnormal psychology Walter J. Coville $33.00
Adult children of alcoholics Janet Geringer Woititz $1.50
anger habit, The Carl Semmelroth $1.50
Borderline Personality Disorder Demystified Robert O. Friedel $1.50
Breakthrough dreaming Gayle M. V. Delaney $1.50
Bright-sided Barbara Ehrenreich $2.50
Care of the soul Thomas Moore $1.50
Crossing to Avalon Jean Shinoda Bolen $1.50
Dealing creatively with death Ernest Morgan $1.50
Eagle's Gift, The Carlos Castaneda $1.50
Effective Psychology for Managers Mortimer R. Feinberg $1.50
Fearless Max Lucado $2.50
Geography Of Childhood Why Children Need Wild Places, The Stephen A. Trimble $1.50
How to stubbornly refuse to make yourself miserable about anything--yes, anything! Albert Ellis $1.50
How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci Michael J. Gelb $1.50
In search of a therapy Dennis T. Jaffe $1.50
Journey to Ixtlan Carlos Castaneda $1.50
Loneliness John T. Cacioppo $1.50
Longing for dad Beth M. Erickson $1.50
Making things right when things go wrong Paul Faulkner $1.00
Man for himself Erich Fromm $1.50
Meaning in suffering Elisabeth S. Lukas $2.50
Men in groups Lionel Tiger $50.00
Mescal, and Mechanisms of hallucinations Heinrich Kluver $9.00
Omens from Your Dreams Philippa Waring $2.50