Title Author Price
'Tis, a memoir Frank McCourt $2.00
'TIS. Frank McCourt $1.00
700 Sundays Billy Crystal $2.00
American son Richard Blow $2.00
And Furthermore Judi Dench $2.00
Anonymity Susan Bergman $2.00
Armand Hammer Steve Weinberg $2.00
As a peace-loving global citizen Sun Mhyng Moon $1.00
As I walked out one midsummer morning Laurie Lee $2.00
autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, The Benjamin Franklin $2.00
autobiography of Malcolm X, The Malcolm X $1.00
Balsamroot Mary Clearman Blew $1.00
Beautiful child Torey L. Hayden $2.00
Bella Tuscany Frances Mayes $2.00
bold fresh piece of humanity, A Bill O'Reilly $2.00
Book of Abigail and John, The Adams Family $1.00
book of remembrances, A Winnifred Eaton $2.00
Born on a blue day Daniel Tammet $2.00
Boxing shadows W. K. Stratton $2.00
Breaking clean Judy Blunt $2.00
Breaking Free Herschel Walker $2.00
Bring me a unicorn Anne (Morrow) Lindbergh $2.00
Burton Hollis Alpert $2.00
By way of deception Victor Ostrovsky $2.00
Carl O. Sauer, a tribute Carl Ortwin Sauer $1.00