Western Fiction

Title Author Price
Across the crevasse Rudolph Mellard $2.00
Anything for Billy Larry McMurtry $1.00
Apache Creek ambush. Doyle Trent $1.00
Arfive A. B. Guthrie $2.00
Arizona! Dana Fuller Ross $1.00
Autumn of the Gun Ralph Compton $1.00
Beecher Island Tim Champlin $2.00
Beyond the great snow mountains Louis L'Amour $1.00
Black aces Stephen Payne $2.00
Blessing way, The Tony Hillerman $1.00
Bloodbrothers (The Canadians, Book 2) Robert Emmet Wall $1.00
blue jay, The Max Brand [pseudonym] $2.00
Bounty Gun Lyle Brandt $2.00
Broken Gun, The Louis L'Amour $1.00
Bucking the sun Ivan Doig $2.00
buffalo wagons Elmer Kelton $1.00
Buscadero Bill Brooks $2.00
Californios, The $1.00
californios, The Louis L'Amour $1.00
Callaghen Louis L'Amour $1.00
Chancy Louis L'Amour $1.00
Chancy Louis L'Amour $1.00
child stealers., The Fred Grove $2.00
Christmas in the Lone Star State Jason Manning $1.00
Cimarron 09 Leo P. Kelley $1.00