True Crime

Title Author Price
gathering of saints, A Robert Lindsey $2.00
Abduction R. J. Parker $1.00
Alice & Gerald Ron Franscell $1.00
American Eve Paula M. Uruburu $1.00
Among the lowest of the dead Dave Von Drehle $2.00
Amy Fisher Amy Fisher $2.00
Armed & female Paxton Quigley $1.00
Battered Wives Del Martin $1.00
Black widower, The Michael Fleeman $1.00
Blood will tell Gary Cartwright $2.00
Breaking point Suzy Spencer $1.00
Breaking the rock Jolene Babyak $1.00
Brotherhoods, The Guy Lawson and Wliiam Oldham $1.00
Buried secrets Edward Humes $2.00
Careless whispers Carlton Stowers $2.00
Cluster mystery Paula DiPerna $2.00
confession of O.J. Simpson, The David Bender $2.00
Confessions of an Ivy League bookie Peter Alson $2.00
conversations with jean Catherine A. Hosmer $1.00
Cruel Sacrifice Aphrodite Jones $1.00
Dead and buried Corey Mitchell $1.00
Deadly blessing Steve Salerno $2.00
Death of a Dream (48 Hours Mystery) Paul LaRosa and Erin Moriarity $1.00
doctor's wife, The John Glatt $1.00
Donnie Brasco Joseph D. Pistone $1.00