Title Author Price
Above and beyond $2.00
Backstage at the Mets Lindsey Nelson $2.50
Ball four Jim Bouton $2.50
Baseball $2.50
Baseball in America Robert Smith $2.50
Baseball Is a Funny Game Joe Garagiola $2.50
Basic Essentials of Mountain Biking, The Michael A. Strassman $1.50
bike book, The Fred Milson $1.50
Bikenomics Elly Blue $1.50
Bobke II Roll Bob $1.50
Boy Racer Cavendish Mark $1.50
CASEY AT THE BAT Harry T. Paxton $9.50
Come and gone Joe Parkin $1.50
coolest race on earth, The John Hanc $2.50
David Wood's Top Coaching Techniques $2.00
Extraordinary golf Fred Shoemaker $2.50
First Tuesday in November D. L. Bernstein $75.00
Football factory trilogy John King $1.50
For the glory Ken Denlinger $2.50
Friday night lights H. G. Bissinger $2.50
Golfer's Companion, The John Delery $2.50
Great yachts Lord Feversham $2.50
Greatest My Own Story Ali Muhammad Ali $1.50
Hang Time Bob Greene $1.50
Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Harvey Penick $1.50