Title Author Price
100 desert wildflowers in natural color Natt N. Dodge $14.00
African Americans in the West Bruce A. Glasrud $10.00
American Rodeo Kristine Fredriksson $1.50
Arbuckles Francis L. Fugate $10.00
Beyond geography Frederick W. Turner $9.50
Boys' life of Will Rogers Harold Keith $2.50
Cacti of the Southwest W. Hubert Earle $2.50
Cowboys, The Timie-Life $2.50
Explorations and Adventures in Arizona and New Mexico Samuel Woodworth Cozzens $2.50
First mail west Morris F. Taylor $10.00
Flowers of the Southwest mesas Pauline Mead Patraw $1.50
frontier in American culture, The Richard White $1.50
Ghost towns and how to get to them Betty Woods $30.00
gunfighters, The Time-Life $2.50
Guns on the early frontiers Carl Parcher Russell $9.00
high West, The Les Blacklock $1.50
Horse equipments and cavalry accoutrements $16.00
Horses, Hitches & Rocky Trails Joe Back $2.50
Mustang: The Saga of the Wild Horse in the American West Deanne Stillman $2.50
Nature's bridges and arches Robert H. Vreeland $10.00
Orphans preferred: the twisted truth and lasting legend of the Pony Express Christopher Corbett $2.50
Quilt of Words, A Sharon Niederman $1.50
Red: Passion and Patience in the Desert Terry Tempest Williams $1.50
Roots in adobe Dorothy L. PIllsbury $33.00
secret knowledge of water: discovering the essence of the American desert, The Craig Childs $1.50