American History

Title Author Price
"It's your misfortune and none of my own" Richard White $2.00
9/11 investigations, The $1.00
agenda, The Bob Woodward $2.00
Alistair Cooke's America. Alistair Cooke $1.00
America Revealed Editors of Life Magazine $2.00
America: The Last Best Hope (Volume II) William J. Bennett $1.00
American Horizons, Concise: U.S. History in a Global Context, Volume I: To 1877 / Edition 1 Michael Schaller $2.00
American horizons: since 1865 Michael Schaller $2.00
American vignettes John I. White $1.00
American woman, The : who was she? Anne Firor Scott $1.00
Americans, The Alistair Cooke $2.00
And still they come Elliott Robert Barkan $1.00
Approaching democracy Larry Berman $1.00
Assassination! Stephen Goode $2.00
best years, 1945-1950, The Joseph C. Goulden $2.00
bonds of womanhood, The Nancy F. Cott $1.00
Cash, Tokens, & Transfers Brian Cudahy $1.00
Choice, The Bob Woodward $2.00
closing of the American border, The Edward H. Alden $2.00
coming of the new deal, The Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. $2.00
content of our character, The Shelby Steele $2.00
creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787, The Gordon S. Wood $1.00
day America told the truth, The James Patterson $2.00
Dictionary of American family names Elsdon C Smith $2.00
Dreams die hard David Harris $2.00