American History

Title Author Price
1776 David McCullough $2.50
1951 La Ventana $30.00
abandonment of the Jews, The David S. Wyman $1.50
Abigail and John Edith Belle Gelles $2.50
age of American unreason, The Susan Jacoby $2.50
Alistair Cooke's America. Alistair Cooke $1.50
America George Brown Tindall $1.50
America Firsthand $1.50
America Revealed Editors of Life Magazine $2.50
America's Oilfield: Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 1977-1997 $40.00
America, changing times $1.50
American Empire Neil Smith $22.00
American establishment, The Leonard Solomon $2.50
American Heritage D-Day What it Took What it Meant What it Cost Forbes $8.00
American Revolution, The $2.50
American Traveler James Zug $2.50
American vignettes John I. White $1.50
Americans, The Alistair Cooke $2.50
As various as their land Stephanie Grauman Wolf $1.50
awful truth, the Suzanne O' Bryan $8.50
Battling demon rum Thomas R. Pegram $1.50
best years, 1945-1950, The Joseph C. Goulden $2.50
Branch Davidians of Waco, The Kenneth G. C. Newport $101.00
Breach of faith Theodore H. White $2.50
buffalo book, The David Dary $1.50