Title Author Price
Assholes Aaron James $1.50
Beyond good and evil Friedrich Nietzsche $1.00
Civilization: Death and Rebirth $20.00
Cosmic coincidences John R. Gribbin $1.50
Ethics Pojman Sharon L $1.50
Introducing Ethics, 2nd Edition Robinson Dave $0.00
Light of Asia: Or, The Great Renunciation, The Edwin Arnold $18.00
Living the Good Life Helen Nearing $19.00
Lying Sissela Bok $1.50
Man's freedom Paul Weiss $12.00
Neither Bullets Nor Ballots-Essays on Voluntaryism Carl Watner $16.00
Personal Destinies: A Philosophy of Ethical Individualism David L. Norton $1.50
PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY OF TEXAS: Proceedings of the Annual Meeting $35.00
Philosophy and the modern world Albert William Levi $12.00
Schopenhauer in 90 Minutes (Philsophers in 90 Minutes) Paul Strathern $2.50
selected lives and essay Plutarch $2.50
Shaping of the Modern Mind Crane Brinton $7.00
Wittgenstein's Tractatus Ludwig Wittgenstein $4.00
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Robert M. Pirsig $1.50