Title Author Price
Barbara Woodhouse's encyclopedia of dogs & puppies Barbara Woodhouse $2.50
Cats: history, care, breeds Christine Metcalf $1.50
complete healthy dog handbook, The Betsy Brevitz $1.50
Dachshund Handbook, The D. Caroline Coile $1.50
Dalmatians Tanya B. Ditto $1.50
Dell encyclopedia of cats $1.50
Do cats think? Paul Corey $1.50
Dog training for kids Carol Lea Benjamin $2.50
DogAge Dondi S. Dahlgaard $1.50
Dogs...Made Easy Kathie Compton $10.00
fishkeeper's guide to the healthy aquarium, A Neville Carrington $2.50
Handbook of dog diseases Robert J. Davidson $1.50
How to buy a health dog Robert J. Davidson $1.50
How to get your cat to do what you want Warren Eckstein $2.50
How to keep snakes in captivity E. Ross Allen $18.50
How to know the aquatic plants G. W. Prescott $20.00
How to raise and train a basenji Jack Shafer $1.50
How to Raise and Train a Scottish Deerhound Audrey M. Benbow $55.00
Legacy of the puppy Hiroyuki Ueki $1.50
Lost Pet Chronicles, The Kathy Albrecht $1.50
Marine aquarium guide $2.50
Marley & Me John Grogan $1.50
natural vet's guide to preventing and treating cancer in dogs, The Shawn Messonnier $1.50
New Dobermann Pinscher By Joanna Walker, The Joanna Walker $2.50
Puppy Love Andrea Donner $7.50