Title Author Price
97 ways to make a dog smile Jenny Langbehn $1.50
Australian shepherd, The Liz Palika $2.50
cat I.Q. test, The Melissa Miller $1.50
Complete Cat Book, The Paddy Cutts $2.50
complete dog book., The American Kennel Club $2.50
complete idiot's guide to dog tricks, The Liz Palika $1.50
Dachshund Handbook, The D. Caroline Coile $1.50
Dogs...Made Easy Kathie Compton $10.00
eighty-Dollar Champion, The ElizabethLetts $1.50
fishkeeper's guide to the healthy aquarium, A Neville Carrington $2.50
Handbook of dog diseases Robert J. Davidson $1.50
How to buy a health dog Robert J. Davidson $1.50
How to Raise and Train a Scottish Deerhound Audrey M. Benbow $55.00
New Dobermann Pinscher By Joanna Walker, The Joanna Walker $2.50
Nine Lives Katharine Mary Briggs $2.50
Shetland sheepdogs Jaime J. Sucher $1.50
Southern dogs & their people P.S. Davis $2.50
Story of Rex of White Way Jim Cheskawich $20.00
T.F.H. Book of Hamsters, The Mervin F. Roberts $13.00
Tea And Dog Biscuits Our First Topsyturvy Year Fostering Orphan Dogs Barrie Hawkins $1.50
Teach youyr cat tricks $1.50
This Is the Cocker Spaniel Leon F. Whitney $2.50
Ultimutts (Pets) Wynn Wheldon $2.50
Why does my cat do that! Catherine Davidson $2.50