Title Author Price
deceiver, The Frederick Forsyth $2.50
fourth protocol, The Frederick Forsyth $2.50
night before, The Lisa Jackson $1.50
patient, The Michael Palmer $1.50
private patient, The P. D. James $2.50
"J" is for judgement Sue Grafton $1.50
"L" is for lawless Sue Grafton $2.50
"M" is for malice Sue Grafton $1.50
"O" is for outlaw Sue Grafton $1.50
"P" is for peril Sue Grafton $2.50
$10,000 in small, unmarked puzzles Parnell Hall $1.50
$trip, The E. Duke Vincent $2.50
'N' is for noose Sue Grafton $1.50
007 Carte Blanche Jeffery Deaver $2.50
11th Hour James Patterson $1.50
12th of Never James Patterson $1.50
15 seconds Andrew Gross $2.50
19 Purchase Street Gerald A. Browne $2.50
19th Precinct Christopher Newman $1.50
1st Case James Patterson $2.50
1st Case James Patterson $1.50
24 hours Greg Iles $1.50
5th horseman, The James Patterson $2.50
6th target, The James Patterson $2.50
77 Shadow Street Dean Koontz $2.50