Title Author Price
13 Hours Mitchell Zuckoff $2.50
1920 Diary Isaak Babel $2.50
aftermath, 1975-85, The Edward Doyle $2.50
All the gallant men Donald Stratton $2.50
America's longest war George C. Herring $1.50
American Fighter Aces Album J. Ward Boyce $28.00
American military frontiers, The Robert Wooster $35.00
American Sniper Chris Kyle $0.00
Armored fist, The Time-Life Books $2.50
At dawn we slept Gordon William Prange $1.50
Battle Cry of Freedom James M. McPherson $1.50
Beatles, Books, Bombs, and Beyond Robert John Deluca $1.50
Berlin diary William L. Shirer $80.00
Best defense Douglas J Feith $2.50
Black Hawk down Mark Bowden $1.50
Blind man's bluff: the untold story of American submarine espionage Sherry Sontag $2.50
book of war, The John Keegan $1.50
British army in Ulster vol.2, THe David Barzilay $40.00
British army in Ulster, vol 3, The David Barzilay $45.00
Churchill's grand alliance John Charmley $2.50
Citizen soldiers Stephen E. Ambrose $1.50
civil war, The Ken Burns $4.00
coldest winter, The David Halberstam $1.50
coldest winter: America and the Korean War, The David Halberstam $2.50
Colditz Henry Chancellor $2.50