Title Author Price
1913 Charles Emmerson $2.50
1920 Diary Isaak Babel $2.50
America's longest war George C. Herring $1.50
American Caesar William Manchester $2.50
At dawn we slept Gordon William Prange $1.50
Atlas of World War II, The John Pimlott $2.50
Battle Cry of Freedom James M. McPherson $1.50
Churchill's grand alliance John Charmley $2.50
Citizen soldiers Stephen E. Ambrose $1.50
coming war with Japan, The George Friedman $2.50
Dispatches from the edge Anderson Cooper $2.50
Enemy at the gates William Craig $2.50
Everything we had Al Santoli $1.50
financing of terror, The James Adams $2.50
Fire in the lake Frances FitzGerald $1.50
first Vietnam crisis, The Melvin Gurtov $4.00
Flags of our fathers James Bradley $1.50
Germany Not Guilty in 1914 Michael H. Cochran $1.50
In retrospect Robert Francis McNamara $1.50
Iraq War, The Rick Fawn $1.50
Kosova-Kosovo Mary Motes $10.00
Lone Survivor Marcus Luttrell $1.50
Long Fuse, The Laurence Lafore $1.50
long gray line, The Rick Atkinson $1.50
Marching toward hell Michael Scheuer $2.50