General History

Title Author Price
'Twas a famous victory. Benjamin Colby $2.00
Accused, The Alexander Wweissberg $2.00
Ancient Engineers L. Sprague De Camp $1.00
Armada, The Bryce Walker $2.00
August Coup, The Mikhail Sergeevich Gorbachev $2.00
Augustus to Constantine Robert McQueen Grant $2.00
back door of history, The R. A. Lafferty $1.00
bad Popes, The E. R. Chamberlin $2.00
Beacon Lights of History John Lord $23.00
Beyond the horizon Laurence Picq $2.00
Borgias, The Ivan Cloulas $2.00
Breaking with Moscow Arkady N. Shevchenko $2.00
Captain Cook in New Zealand: Extracts from the Journals of Captain James Cook Giving a Full Account in His Own Words of His Adventures in New Zealand $13.00
Chips & pop Robert Barnard $2.00
codebreakers, The David Kahn $9.00
Colnaghi's 1760-1960 $11.00
creators, The Daniel J. Boorstin $2.00
Dangerous Place, a D. Moynihan $2.00
Desire of the everlasting hills Thomas Cahill $2.00
Devil in the White City, The Erik Larson $1.00
discoverers, The Daniel J. Boorstin $2.00
discoverers, The Daniel J. Boorstin $2.00
distant mirror, A Barbara Wertheim Tuchman $2.00
Domesday book, The Thomas HInde $2.00
Early man and the ocean THOR. HEYERDAHL $2.00