General History

Title Author Price
abolition of Britain, The Peter Hitchens $2.50
adventure of North Sea oil, The Bryan Cooper $7.00
Ancient Near Eastern Tradition, The Milton Covensky $1.50
Armada, The Bryce Walker $2.50
Army of Childrn Evan h. rhodes $1.50
asians: their heritage and their destiny, the Thomas Welty $1.50
Atomic Iran Mike Evans $2.50
back of history, The R. A. Lafferty $1.50
balance of power in the interwar years, 1919-1939 William J. Newman $1.50
Beacon lights of history John Lord $8.50
Beacon Lights of History John Lord $23.00
Beyond belief Deborah E. Lipstadt $1.50
Birth of the Modern, The Paul Bede Johnson $1.50
Blue latitudes Tony Horwitz $2.50
Chronicle of the 20th Century Clifton Daniel $2.50
Cities of Vesuvius Michael Grant $1.50
closest of enemies, The Wayne S. Smith $2.50
codebreakers, The David Kahn $9.00
Connections to today $10.50
creators, The Daniel J. Boorstin $2.50
Culture and customs of Saudi Arabia David E. Long $2.50
Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods Dimitri Meeks $10.00
Dangerous Place, a D. Moynihan $2.50
Desire of the everlasting hills Thomas Cahill $2.50
Dictionary of Ancient History, The Penguin Graham Speake $1.50