Title Author Price
Bog child Siobhan Dowd $2.50
Bohemians, The Anne-Gédéon La Fitte marquis de Pellepore $13.75
bondwoman's narrative, The Hannah Crafts $2.50
Bonesetter's Daughter, The Amy Tan $1.50
book of laughter and forgetting, The Milan Kundera $1.50
Book of Strange New Things, The Michael Faber $2.50
Border music Robert James Waller $2.50
Boy Meets Girl (Boy #2) Meg Cabot $1.50
brave man seven storeys tall, A Will Chancellor $2.50
Brave, The Nicholas Evans $2.50
Brazil John Updike $1.50
Bread alojne Judi Hendricks $1.50
Breakfast in Babylon Emer Martin $1.50
Breathing Lessons Anne Tyler $2.50
Brick Lane Monica Ali $1.50
bride's matchmaking triplets Regina Scott $1.50
Bridget Jones Helen Fielding $2.50
brightest star in the sky, The Marian Keyes $2.50
Brilliance of the moon Lian Hearn $2.00
Bring larks and heroes Thomas Keneally $1.50
Broken ground Kai Maristed $2.50
buccaneers, The Edith Wharton $2.50
bully of order, The Brian Hart $2.50
Burger's daughter Nadine Gordimer $1.50
Burial rites Hannah Kent $2.50