Title Author Price
4-step crafts projects Mike Bathum $1.50
4-step design projects Mike Bathum $1.50
4-step illustration projects Mike Bathum $45.00
4-step printingmaking projects Mike Bathum $15.00
Annie's Fashion Doll Crochet Club $20.00
Antique brass & copper Mary Frank Gaston $1.50
ARRL ham radio license manual, The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) $1.50
Art of Crewel Embroidery, The Mildred J. Davis $1.50
authentic reborn course #1 $2.00
basic needlepoint Maxine Searls $2.50
Beginner's needle point Margaret Boyles $1.50
Beginning eggery June Hoffman $1.50
Beginning stained glass $5.50
Big book of tatting Darlene Polachic $18.00
Borders For Embroidery, Translated By Anne Wilkins, Printed In Denmark Grete Petersen $9.00
Bottle pricing guide Hugh Cleveland $1.50
Braiding and knotting for amateurs (The Branford handicraft series) Constantine A Belash $17.50
Cabinet making techniques $2.00
Candle creations Simon Lycett $1.50
candlewicking country peggy wellman $1.50
Christmas Catalog Tern Enterprises $7.00
Clay whistles Janet Moniot $1.50
Collectible blue and white stoneware Kathryn McNerney $1.50
complete book of doll making and collecting, The Catherine Christopher Roberts $1.50
Complete Book of Nature Crafts, The Eric Carlson $2.50