Christian Fiction

Title Author Price
Alaskan Midnight Joyce Livingston $1.50
Allison's Journey Wanda E. Brunstetter $1.50
Amish Kitchen, An Beth Wiseman $1.50
Apollyon Jerry B. Jenkins $2.50
Art of Romance Matchmakers, The Kay Dascus $1.50
Bittersweet Cathy Marie Hake $1.50
Blue Ridge Brides Three in one Collection Lynn A. Coleman $1.50
Call of the Dove (Serenade/Serenata No. 16) Madge Harrah $1.50
Cherished Bride, The Brenda Duke Barber $15.00
Christmas at Promise Lodge Charlotte Hubbard $1.50
Courageous Randy C. Alcorn $1.50
Damascus way, The T. Davis Bunn $2.50
Diner six miles from nashville Elaine Littau $1.50
first hostage, The Joel C. Rosenberg $2.50
For the girls' sake Janice Kay Johnson $1.50
Forevermore Cathy Marie Hake $1.50
Freefall Kristen Heitzmann $1.50
good news from North Haven, The Michael L. Lindvall $2.50
Greater Than Gold Roseanna White $2.50
Hagar Lois T. Henderson $2.50
Hold fast the dream Lurlene McDaniel $1.50
Home Sweet Texas (Love Inspired) Sharon Gillenwater $1.50
Home to Safe Harbor Kate Welsh $1.50
homeplace, The Gilbert Morris $1.50
Idaho Brides Three-in-one Collection Erica Vetsch $1.50